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The 7th Insakartists Workshop in Zambia 2015 saw the gathering of artists from Zambia and other countries around the world to focus on the global challenge of conservation of natural habitat and humankind’s interaction and their consequences on the environment was highlighted in both innovative and inspiring approaches. The workshop was supported by both the Zambian and German governments, and other embassies, NGOs and the corporate world; the participation of Zambian, Zimbabwean, German, British, Ugandan and South African artists in workshops, installations, sculptures.


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Excerpt from Catalogue: Here comes Norma from Scotland, United Kingdom with a mission of three Cs, her own three Cs, in reference to David Livingstone connection as a fellow Scottish missionary and explorer, whose name is named after the city of Livingstone, where Livingstone Art Gallery is located , the host of 7th Insaka International Artists Workshop. Her site specific work, she involved a participatory construction team of artists from the workshop and also people who were curious during the process took part.




The aerial view shot by Chifuchi Kandala on the cover, is the work she calls, ‘Thrice Connectivity ’, here she rolls out its significance, ‘Coming to Zambia from Scotland I felt obliged to acknowledge the earlier explorer Dr David Livingstone and through my research discovered his “Three C’s” (Christianity, Commerce and Civilisation). I decided it would be interesting to explore with my fellow artists our own “Three C’s”.’ ‘I like labyrinths: the metaphor for life’s journey and wanted to journey with the other Insaka Artists to see where that took us. The finished piece is for people to share by walking on it and to reflect on all our intentions’. Norma further expounded the three Cs series into the gallery to make an environmentally conscious statement. She highlighted the problem that the new gallery was facing; the threat of litter. Her work was critical of this habit of not taking good care of the surrounding so she launched a campaign and made an installation of it; clean , care and collect